Veggie Patch Begun …

Slow start with my son breaking my tools … LOL … they were getting a bit long in the tooth at any rate.  Working the grass out by first scuffing it with my maddock is job enough for us unfit ones … then we then rake it back and forth to sort the grass out … once that is done, then I begin to maddock the ground which then my son shovel the loose sand into the wheelbarrow.  The sand is wet and heavy under all the grass, which I guess it better then being too dry.  Sid effect is that wet sand it quite Heavy – and the going it quite tough.

Hopefully we will Finnish the outside walkways tomorrow.  One step at a time.  Once that is done – the whole scuffing process of 50 square meters is going to be a major job in itself – and thats before we start digging.  The scuffing process is actually as heavy as digging – however its is very important to remove as much grass and ROOTS as possible … even in this sand – It will grow back if given the chance – which is why I want a 2/1/2 foor wide and 20cm deep  trench all the way around.  I will do walk ways in between as we create raised beds – not to high – or not as high as my clay raised bed, but I will do something similar with the layouts as I have will all.

Soil preparation will take a long time – there is a very hard layer under this sand as well – I will have to show you guys – other factor to consider is making a small wind break with weed mat along a wire fence … but will not worry until I have the bed made with some trailer loads of compost from the land scape supplies.

It’s going to be slow going – Hopefully my son will stick it out for a good workout and a tan. LOL

That’s a wrap guys –


7 thoughts on “Veggie Patch Begun …

  1. Nothing like the satisfaction you get from hard work and a finished project and then when the veggies come even more satisfaction. Good job men.
    p.s. can’t wait for my son to get a little older so he can use use a shovel, lol.

  2. It takes a while to get rid of that grass, I am happy you are doing it. I have a feeling that your clean veggies will change your life,,,oh you could do with mantis now………

  3. Outstanding Dave! Great start.

    You weren’t kidding that your tools were a little long in the tooth. Time to treat yourself to some new ones I think.

    Your son is a good looking lad. Glad you got some help, I know with my own little beds that any help I get is much appreciated.

    Today I planted the tomatoes, carrots, parsnips and potatos. I found this neat idea to grow potatos, I’m using my old garbage can which isn’t fit to take to the curb any longer. Drilled some holes in the bottom for drainage, and put about 1 30litre bag of organic soil in the bottom and planted the red seed potatos. As they grow up I will add soil to the can. This I suppose is another way of hilling them. I’ll post some pics as they grow, and hopefully around September I will have at least enough for a meal or two.

    Cheers Dave.

  4. Great to see you guys out there I just wished I could have joined you I am like a digging machine when I get going. I am hoping you are going to inspire me guys to get my patch up and running again, you are being very thorough with that grass, I think I will get some chickens on mine late summer they will soon clear all the grass and weeds, somewhere in that mess are some strawberrys and some great rhubarb take care and keep up the good work.

  5. I want the chicken but we are not allowed in the city;(((( I would love to have a goat or two but we are not allowed it either………

  6. Removal of grass from the top of the soil is not enough for my garden beds, however rotating a chicken run that is allowed to make the ground go fallow (seasonal) is a successful practice of many gardeners. I typically double dig then go back through digging again – up to three times. During this turning of the under soil, I will pick out all roots I come across. Only then will I be satisfied to then plant seed/seedlings. Seedlings are less an issue (although I don’t like anything taking root other then what I intend –

    People just don’t understand how damaging it is for any grass to emerge whilst there fragile plants are yet to break the soil and rise themselves. When you go to weed, you damage damage plants from on ill prepared bed.

    Anyways – I go on too much with my compulsion so removed grass. Whilst I am strict on it, one can never totally remove every trace of it from deep under the ground. I just make one hell of an effort, because I know just how quick grass can take over a garden from both ill prepared beds and also from low maintenance. Reason why I dig shallow trenches around my garden when I have no money for edging.

    MULCH is another assist to keep weeds down – I am unsure about the use of Weed Mat with regard to water retention, aeration and limiting water getting through an entire bed Vs only the plant itself. I like to water evenly across the bed to keep the soil active through VS on little spot where only the plant grows. Such a shame many of us no longer experience “seasonal rains” I will PAY for the water if I have to. The garden is too important as I rate the experience as a spiritual one that gives me me meaning than anything else Society could ever hope to offer me.

    Thanks for your interest Cully – Dahila – They don’t want us to provide for ourselves and people live in glorified shoe boxes in extreme close proximity to tolerate each other, let alone other animals.

    But – there is nothing stopping us from creating what little worlds we can for ourselves, within whatever small confines we find ourselves in.

    Later Guys.

  7. I will look out for those pics – either linked in here or on the forum Pam .. Sounds interesting – be careful not to overeater, but do keep them semi-moist – to almost dry, but not dry … 🙂

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