How close to the Ocean do I live?


4 thoughts on “How close to the Ocean do I live?

  1. Now I really understand why sandy soil is a problem for your garden.

    Wish I had a view like that. The closest water to me is about a mile or so but it is just a bay of a fairly large lake. Maybe one of these days I will take Andrews suggestion and take some pictures of it. If I get brave enough.

    Hope you got the lawn mowed. My day will be filled with doc appointment so we can continue to figure out what’s not working properly with me. Got to say, getting weary of all this nonsense.


  2. Wow thats a nice view, i am jealouse . $750k is a little out of my league thats crazy, guess i will never get close to the water. I sure do miss that sound of the waves and wind though. Give me two tree’s a hammock and some waves hitting the rocks and let my anxiety be forgotten for awhile.
    Peace Dave and thanks for the video.

  3. Pam I think of you in my Nest post – I too am perplexed but have a view on such a subject of mystery illnesses.

    It’s amazing as you can see how those little trees grow out of the salt water and sand as pictured. They don’t exactly get full covered over at high tide, but at least half is submerged in salt water. Then you have those yards with green grass – so thinking herbs and weeds will be good to grow. Going to start dome dandelion – I love those weeds – Yet to start eating them, but I will.

    Almost finished the lawn – heheh … got the large parts done thought. Thanks Pam …

    Yes John … that is a Crazy price … he must not want to sell.
    Your welcome john 🙂

    Same to you and yours.

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