DAY 18 and 19 ??? Losing count

going by the date of last post, it seems I might of missed a day, so I might actually stop counting now …

Anyways … very itchy day … smiles though … days going quick.  Rest day tomorrow as I made it through another 3 days of straight exercise.  Still eating clean, however tonight I am going to have a cup of soup (one of those boxed ones) … it’s the only no no in like a week so not going to give myself a hard time over it.

Just so tired tonight ZZZZZZZZZ … not much to report, still holding strong.

Wishing everyone well.



2 thoughts on “DAY 18 and 19 ??? Losing count

  1. Hey Dave,

    Just wanted to tell you I bit the bullet and bought a cold press juicer yesterday. You’ve inspired me. Mine isn’t as fancy as yours but it does the job.

    Right now kale, chard and cabbage is my drink of choice. The cabbage cause my stomach needs healing and from all I have read the raw cabbage juice will help!

    Next will be carrots!

  2. That’s is really awesome news – So glad to hear about that PAM … I’ll try to share some recipies with you as I find some. I really just throw this or that at the moments, but getting better. There are a lot of dos and don’t out there worth investigating. But the fact you have one is really great. Don’t let it sit in the box 3 weeks later … I must admit, I did go through a phase, but so glad I have returned to juicing. That’s why my eyes were white in that other video.

    Take care PAM … see you soon

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