DAY SEVENTEEN – Just morning – Shhhhhhhhh

Very good question Danuta …
Some people are talking about Post Scabies Hives … if you don’t mind I will just cut and paste my reply from there.  Hope you enjoy the video .. Shhhh we have to be careful not to wake my wife up though.

OH YEA!!!  FRANKIE … Srry I forgot to mention your name in the video … I know you have been busy and you might not even be around to see this, but in case you are — DOH … My Bad … I don’t like to leave anyone out and you have been so kind to me.  I must make a not of catching up with you via PM in the forum or something.  Could anyone here please let me know If Frankie is OK please???


Regarding the Hives – (Oh yea – I love anchovies!!!! eating some dry ones now … hopefully I want have an allergy to that as well … time will tell)

cut and paste:

Post scabies Hives Topic:

YES SIR REE … I got the Hives after filially beating the scabies too! I had scabies for like SIX MONTHS and it was six months of pure hell. Finaly after like 10 treatments of Perithium and FOUR !!! oral treatments of Ivermectim – I too now suffer with Hives.

No doubt that was over kill with SO MUCH POISON AKA Nurotoxins!!!- I rubbed into my skin and ingested.

When I think of it like that – it’s no wonder my body has broken down with this new affliction. My brother also was found dead and anything else that could go wrong went wrong – so this too all added to the scabies and hives.

But to hell with the scabies – This Hives might get me out of bed and have me scratching as if I still had scabies, but like another poster here … I am thankful that those blighters are finally gone. I do worry though that they could come back, if I stopped my current recovery with this current bout of hives I am suffering with.

I was also taking an anit-psychotic Serequol/quitipine which is actually used in some case to treat hives and or as a strong anti-histamine. So it was that when I stop taking this drug I break out in hives straight away!!! I only just started taking it again due to a mental break down however I’m sick of being reliant on synthetic medication that only buggers you up in others way further down the track …

So you see – for me – my body is riddled with nasty chemical compounds and all the stress of suffering and life …

I now JUICE green veggies and eat clean – I have researched a lot of antihistamine foods. I am learning what foods trigger me as well. Before this, I already had a touch of red patches here and there – but now – I expect it’s going to take a few months of eating clean and also exercise to regain my health back –

I’m on DAY SEVENTEEN of my recovery plan and whilst I still have HIVES … I am not going to give up just yet … if anything, this post validate much of what I have been thinking.

So much poison to treat the damn scabies and also so much damn poison sold to us poorer ones on the super market shelves.

Keeping a stiff upper lip, a bit of humor … and changing ones life style for the better will eventually help overcome these issues.

Is there such a thing as Post Scabies Hives – The evidence is quite clear in tis thread for me. I’d say we all need to DETOX and get serous about about a recovery plan that’s sets a new way of life.

best of luck guys
Dave 😉


5 thoughts on “DAY SEVENTEEN – Just morning – Shhhhhhhhh

  1. Hi Dave, I kept waiting for your wife to wake up and give you hell, LOL. Keep it up Dave and I look forward to viewing the pics. Are you just putting them on flicker?

  2. I like the video not everyone pronounce my name like you did. The accent in the right place :)) Beautiful , Hives will go away as soon as your body gets the toxic waste out. You must be careful what you touch especially in the hospital or docs office. I think you are vulnerable. It will change, you really feel better;)))))))))))) that’s make me happy !!!

  3. 🙂 Hi guys … Thanks John lol … I think I will just make a new thread in the anxiety forum “peaceful pictures or something like that”

    Glad the pronunciation was not to bad Danuta … I was freaking out weather I got that near right or not … As for the hives, I will just accept for now that I have a lot of detoxing more than the average person due to all the poison I had to subject myself to regarding the scabies treatment. If after 8 weeks I am still suffering, then I will have to see the doctor again, as It must be related to some other kind of complication … but until then, it’s just a process of learning to live with it.

    Hope all is well your end … sleep well guys. 😉

  4. Oh Dave thank you for the video, I have tears streaming down my face I’m so touched by the caring.

    I’m doing a bit better, yesterday wasn’t too bad, got tests back from doc which turned out well, so although I still have pain on my right side, it is subsiding.

    I must say, I was so astonished by how bright you look in your eyes, even being up that early in the morning. The eyes tell so much about someone and yours tell the story of someone encouraged and healing. It is so amazing to see.

    Love your idea about heritage seeds, I’ve been growing heritage tomatoes for a few years and will never go back. They tend to be a bit unruly as they grow since they are indeterminate varieties but all the staking is worth the effort. Heritage carrots are the other ones I grow, and last year I had such a massive crop I was giving them to friends and neighbours until the early hard frost came and I lost the rest.

    Anyway, thanks again for the video, it was great!

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