DAY FIFTEEN and still eating clean

My wife arrived back home from her trip and joined forces with my son to go get take away from the shop.  I still feel the urge to give in and just have that one thing … steak burger with the works, minus the pineapple and don’t forget the BBQ source thanks! … LOL … narrrr … I drove my son to the shop and all, however I kept true to my program and waited till I got home.

I settle for making my own food.  I soaked the lettuce leaves, threw on half a can of red salmon, some olives, carrot, grated ginger, a third of a can of 4 Been Mix, small avocado and toped it of with some freshly squeezed lemon and lime juice.  It’s been pretty much like this for 15 days now.

Have to go shopping tomorrow, so will have to juice everything that is left.  I tell ya, I have been spending less time sitting on this thing and much more moving about.  For instance, I am so tired right now because whilst I did not exercise – I did end up doing some mowing and have much more to do.  I serviced my whipper sniper on a portable table in the sun – so getting sunlight with walking is now back on the cards as well.  Again, in the morning, I will get up, do my weights, then onto the elliptical for a solid 30 minute routine, off that to do a 15 minute sit up routine … shower … clean kitchen … sort out fridge and juice everything .. before heading out to do the shopping and later that afternoon continue doing some more year work (Finish cutting back the yard)

The 3 to 4 hourly bouts of eating Turmeric are helping with the hives no doubt in combination with many other things … very hard to keep track of everything and how I react with energy expenditure and all that, however I am learning.

Turns out … the back yard is a part of this property (I pushed the issue with refusing to maintain the yard if it was not part of the deal … Now I can grow a vegetable garden as long as I dig it over and rake it flat if the owners do not want it there when we will no doubt eventually have to leave (renters Bane but that’s life) … Good news at any rate!!!

I have LOTS OF WORK TO DO, however I have to be careful how I go about it, so that I don’t mess up my current routine that I have established.  I will do it though and I will make little videos to show that progress out back.  I really need to sort out my shed first – do some more servicing on my lawn mower and make a special tool area for the veggie patch. PS – Fix the damn clothes line – not my responsibility and it’s been broken sice we moved in, but I will do it cause I know such things just create tension – Frankie knows well how fucked up it is for renters in this country.  No offense to any home owners out there .. it’s just the way it is … once you have live in 30+ houses you get to know these facts.

Plenty of blisters and sweat to come … I should get some soft breathable garden gloves to help with that.  

Hives manageable today.  Power foods for that have been, the Flax-meal, Ginger & Turmeric and Whole Meal Oats. – lemon and lime (freshly juiced) water down a little.  Oh Yea, not to forget the freshly squeezed Green vegetable juice.  Had a rare stake as well with sweet potato (another anti histamine food as well) … I think I will squeeze some carrot juice before bed.

So that is Day Fifteen – 🙂

OH YEA – My ND filter arrived so I can start doing some long exposure shots and or play around with sunrise photos as well.  Not sure when I will have the time, but as my fitness increases, it will be during some down time where I give myself a day or two good rest …

That’s wrap …

How are all you guys doing … anyone care to mention … have a bitch or some good stuff to share>>>>???

Peace Out
Dave … just the one scratch for now.  heheheh


4 thoughts on “DAY FIFTEEN and still eating clean

  1. Hi Dave,

    So glad you seem to be getting some relief from the hives. Keep up the good work.

    Congrats on getting the go ahead with the garden, sometimes we do have to play hardball with landlords, and am happy it worked out for you.

    Looking forward to seeing whatever vids you make of your progress.

    I’m still eating clean but am not progressing as well as I would like. Have to go for some more tests today so maybe tomorrow we will have some more idea what is going on. I’m getting a bit down about it now, but will carry on. I’m sure I can be well again.

    Cheers Dave

  2. I think that i should be doing like you and start getting more exercise. I do get more since winter’s over but it is not enough. Keep up the good work Dave.
    P.S. a Great big portabella mushroom is almost as good as a steak, lol.

  3. John gave you a great advice about mushroom. I am a huge fan of Avocado Oil, not only it have the highest smoke point but it is delicious. I use it everywhere where I would use olive oil. I have mine No Gmo verified. It is as good as Extra virgin olive oil but does not have the annoying taste. Something to consider 😉
    I am happy you keep up with the new and healthy style. Is there place for a fruit?
    common weed and it is like miracle for liver:)
    Juice 250 g carrot, 75 g fresh cucumber and 75 g beet drink first thing in the morning before coffee:) Use it for 14 days and repeat after 3 months, later one it can be done ones a year. Do not add anything beside that three things.
    Dave you are doing to your body a huge favor drinking green juices:) The results are almost immediate. Keep doing it:)

  4. Hi Pam – hang in there … my hives acted up a bit more today so kind of also questioning how long it’s going to take with eating clean … 16 days is still too early I guess … and going on the meds which act like antihistamines kind of made me more Dependant anti histamine wise …

    I don’t know … myself … just going to have to keep going …

    Thanks John and Danuta … all great tips … very tired again tonight so sryy I can’t go on much more. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Not much sun today as It was shopping day … will get some more tomorrow as I make a day of things in the yard or build myself up to more hours outside. Did not finish the yard so will concentrate on that tomorrow.

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