DAY Fourteen HIVES are killing me …

I have to beat this … I just have too.  I managed to get my exercise in and have learned as a hive sufferer, that doing exercise on an empty stomach is best, which is fine as it’s also the best time for weight loss to kick start your body as soon as you wake.

I’ve researched good and proper and the reliance on seroquel for it’s antihistamine properties will only make me all the more Dependant … as too many of the pharmaceutical products.

I have to beat this Naturally … I don’t have to time or patients right now, but will have to turn this blog into some kind of research project on beating hives naturally. Food is such a big deal – YES – you do have to be like a rocket scientist these days.  Simply because we have lost the art of knowing what works naturally … imo at any rate.

Ginger and Tumeric I know put into my green mixes, however it’s all experimental as I can’t just rely on others peoples findings.  We are all different.  Rubbing some cold ginger directly on gives a little reprieve … but I prefer to eat or drink it.

PINE NUTS – Not good for me — I have a seed mix with pine nuts in them, and just like someone else I came across online (read) – it definitely triggered me as I noticed last time as well it happens – now I know not to eat pine nuts for me at this current time.

I did go through a simarly tough time last time I stoped taking serquol so can only hope things my get better in 4 to 5 days – I am still juicing greens and exercising.  I can see a slight change in body composition and my range of movement has increased.

I am finding it hard to sleep as having been reliant on the seroquel to put me down … I will go for a walk before bedtime if the mozies … hmmmmm … maybe I wont … instead I will do some very mild elliptical walking and go to bed with a warm cup of mint tea.

STING NETTLE – like you said Daunta … I need that too … is high on the list for hives, however I can’t find it fresh … do you think I can get any benefits from ordering dry stuff?  I hydrating it slowly for a few hours???  I want to grow it for sure now!!!!

I am trialing lemon and lime juice — apparantly some people said orange juice is a trigger … I have some orragnes … but afraid to try them … seeesh …

LOL .. Not

I’m sorry to be such a pain and miserable sod guys … it surely is an affliction — It is said that 20% of people will get this condition at some time in their life … Sigh … No doubt this is going to be a life changer for me!!!

Just like when I gave up smoking eight years ago …

Anyways …. I might steal my wifes recliner and put my legs up and watch another movie … Tomorrow is rest day … I think … I need to go check this blog and find out when the other was …

Peace out …
Dave. Chin up!


Flax seed/meal – can not find it in the supermarketS (This town sucks for this kind of thing!)  Need to find a fucking Health Food Store that stores it in a fucking fridge.  Sorry for being mad like the birds Andrew noted, but for a sea side town, the place is useless for health foods.  I hate it when I find a product, that I know should be stored refirgerated, not out of fucking date on a hot shelf. Grrrrr

This Link I must look more deeply into – is for allergys, however the principle is exactly the same and very good info:



8 thoughts on “DAY Fourteen HIVES are killing me …

  1. Hi Dave, I am not sure how i would do it because stinging nettle is only harvested at a certain time of year ( i think ) but i have enough nettle on my property to last you a lifetime. I will research it today if i get time at work (lol) and if i can you PM your address and i will send you a pound or two. I used to know when to pick and cook and have books on it but i would like to make sure. Or maybe you are looking for a more concentrated form of that i do not know about. Dahlia may know.

  2. That’s very kind of you John – I would rather save you the expense and source some on-line. It does grow wild in some parts of Australia as well and I remember well having been stung a few times in the past, Come to think of it Australia is very very strict on organics coming into the country, especially plant material, otherwise I would ask you to send me some seed.. 🙂

    Even if I can only grow a few plants around the house – I will look into sourcing some seeds as well as some dried form of it. I have a very good food dryer I must show you guys. It’s great for making healthy snacks and camping meals that I can rehydrate on the track. Much much better than those commercialized dry packs people opts for.

    I really am going to make this a life change I think!!! I have too. My kidneys are already on doctors orders to drink only clean water and I pretty much ruined my liver through my alcoholic years. I already don’t smoke or drink so I may as well go the extra mile and keep eating clean.

    You know I am such an idiot that.I only just discovered the Linseed Meal I bought the other day is actually Flaxmeal …and there I was going hell for leather because I could not find any. Oh Well – I wonder if they have another name for stinging nettle. LOL … I hate it when they do that with products like so. I took four anti histamines – made a bowl of wholegrain Oats and loaded it with two Large table spoons of Flax_linseed meal –

    Hopefully I won’t have a reaction – for all the good I have been reading that flax-meal is for hives and the like (omega family) … then I start to read how other people have an actual allergy to it … and break out in hives eating it … WTF is a guy suppose to do with that king of conflicting information … I think that is when the INTERNET has me banging my head against a brick wall.

    I think I will stick with it unless I have a real bad reaction – flax meal in my oats has always been good to me in the past and actually something I should of stuck with.

    Thanks again John for such an offer – if not for customs I would remain open if only not putting you out. Dahila seems to swear by the stuff and the rave on the Net seems very much to validate such. Definitely on my list to get. 🙂


    PS – I hope you guys have a good day, afternoon and evening.
    Peace to you and yours.

  3. Goodnight all … I think more on my food dehydrator. Banana chips are good too. 🙂 Just imagine if I could get to the point that instead of eating takeaway, I pullout some dried snacks to have with my watter. LOL Will get my wife interested in making some snacks … Lisa really liked the food dehydrator when I was on that wagon before.

    Night ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  4. Stinging Nettle is a common weed, however I found only few in my garden. In Europe it grows everywhere. It is wonderful fresh to add to the salads or the juice. Only the very young leaves. Use dry, it still have a lot of goodies and it is absolutely the best for allergies. I put it in my anti pain salves, and my oils when I make a soap. Hives are unfortunately aggravated by mental state. My daughter gets them when she is stressed….
    She is juicing and making smoothies and she is much better.
    I would suggest that you look at the soap you use.
    To make long story short; I was fighting with constant loss of hair, which is extremely upsetting for me. I made a soap; formulated to wash the hair, I am using it for two months. no hair falling anymore. I suspect that my extra expensive shampoo and conditioner did the opposite what it should.
    Do you know about Himalayan salts? The pink one; it is very beneficial for us.
    Make an oats water and sponge the body. Nothing helps more for the itching. and of course you could add some , the regular kind to your diet. Sponge the hives with the camomile tea, helps too.
    You must win this time. Good luck and keep exercising:)

  5. Stinging nettle can be harvested and dried all the time. It is one of the most popular herbs used in problematic skin and for hair loss. Of course the young plants are the best and you can use whole plant except the root. Just leave some old plants and let it seed:)
    Aspirin, ibuprophen all the nsaid meds can cause the hives too. Chemicals in food. How to avoid it? you could order on line whole leaves and make tea, just remember it works like diuretic so if you on diuretics you need to be careful.

  6. Thanks Danuta, much appreciated. Lots of good information there. I’m not sure what it is, but I have developed a high tolerance to suffering. I must be a saddest when if comes such things. often I will look down and see the odd stream of blood coming from various spots I have scratched. In saying that though, I am also letting the itch just itch and the burn just burn.

    I will look into making up a chamomile tea as you say if this continues. work out some kind of easy applicator and us that. I’m glad you mentioned that – sounds easier than making up the oat milk/cream … For some reason my hives do not like oil and cream being on them – mine like to be semi dry and moisture that sticks for too long seems to aggravate mine. In that regard, I think the tea sounds good.

    I’ve never been big on diuretics – I know some herbs and tea are like this … side effects of diuretics actually include skin rashes – but I guess it’s all in the dosing and hydration. I want to learn this stuff. Just like I am reasonable good with getting my body back in tune with body awareness and listening to that (despite my issues with no OFF Switch – LOL ) … I am bering very body aware with what I put in my mouth and how it effects me. I can even learn to use my Tinnitus (ring in the ears) …

    This morning is the end of three previous morning in which I exercised – making this one a recovery day with less stressful activities in the hope my body will rebuild and grow stronger. This morning I cut off about 2 cm of Turmeric and skinned it with the side of my knife – chewed it on an empty stomach then followed with a cup of peppermint Tea. I’ll chew some more throughout the day like that and perhaps ginger as well. Last nights efforts to do so, seem to of helped – as to the small bowl of oats with lots of flax-meal – (No adverse effects noted there)

    Thanks again Danuta …
    I’m keen to come out of all this on the other side a renewed person. The rashes and bad attitude are all a part of my detoxing … 🙂

    • Flax meal is in my breads;) I mean if you have a problem with the kidneys and are on bp meds you need to limit the intake of stinging nettle to one cup of tea a day. I made the tea with fresh leaves like 5 small leaves on cup. Cover the leaves with water less than boiling the best is 85 Celsius:)) 5 min wait then drink:)
      You remember potato starch is wonderful for it too…..If you ever see polish store buy there, it is as cheap as peanuts. We use it to make gravy thick:)

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