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  1. That is sweet! I love to bow hunt Dave. I try and and get a deer or two a year as it really helps my family through the winter although i did not get one this year.:( For Jessie ( hopes that’s spelled right) I only kill what i will eat and even when i do that i feel sadness for the animal that i have taken it’s life. Unfortunately we are not vegetarian and i butcher and grind all my own deer meat. There is not a worse feeling for a hunter than injuring an animal and not finding it and you know that that animal is suffering so before heading out to kill and or shoot live animals practice, practice, practice. My 8 year old wants to shoot everything. ( too much hunger games ).
    How long has he been doing the bow?

  2. I’m sorry to hear that John. I’m sorry you live in a country that boast to be a wealthy nation, yet find yourself, in this day and age. that you have to go a hunt in order to eat. I guess I stand corrected with regards to my comment about that day and age in which we live.

    As a boy on a sheep station, I was taught to slit the throats of sheep so we could also eat. I remember well how to find the correct placement of the throat by squeezing a little under the corners of the cheek bones to find the best point into which I would quickly sink my boning knife. The trick was to find the best spot into which the knife could be inserted behind the wind pipe. So that in one motion after insertion, I could cleanly open the swipe my blade opening that front of the neck up.

    I believe after that, or straight away, I can’t remember if I was to let them bleed out – I probably did some however if no struggle ensued, I would continue to quickly scissor action around both side of the back of neck on find a knock in the backbone to take the head clean off. I believe my respect for the animal, made me very good at taking the head of quickly and cleanly – (for the better part of the word) … or so I like to think was the case.

    Something like that … I was taught to do this while the animal was alive … No Stun Gun. My Biological father use to slit the throats of Pigs which is completely different and both messy as well as noisy as pigs are quite the opposite when it comes to meeting such a death. I think my daughters still have nightmares from the last time we visited his place many many years ago.

    Back then, I use to relate the slaughtering to some kind of Biblical story to justify what I was doing. I also thought about how things were done by those humans who live like so on a daily basis in history now far gone. The whole process made me feel sad for the one or two birds I had shot as a even younger fella. I was put further put off after seeing my counterparts on that sheep station used their trail bikes to chase down kangaroos and beat them to death with a chipping hoe.

    Add to that mix, my past which was full of rejection and why I was sent to a sheep station to begin with, I started to feel very sorry for these animals and bitterness towards these fuckwits that would play such games.

    Other than that, I see too many Youtube videos with people who upload this kind of antics and think its cool to do what they do. They don’t seem to feel one bit sorry that their arrows miss the mark and or the animals struggle for days on end as they don’t know shit about what it is they preach.

    Forgive me need to explain my views on such things – I get that not all Hunters, are evil and twisted in their plight to feed their families. If I could ask you one thing though, or I mean I hope you don’t mind me asking.

    Living in a country that seemingly has no gun laws, would it not be kinder to take down an animal such as dear, using a bullet rather than an arrow?

    Thank You for sharing with me as you have done. .Have you considered breading rabbits? Yet another conflicting issues I have struggles with. The truth is, if I could live a self sufficient life style I would favor chicken and rabbit meat and minimize my read meat intake. I was raise in cattle country and my body reacts well to read meat. I guess that sounds sad in itself, however it’s just another fact that is conflicting no doubt. Less is best, but again – I know just how healthily my body responds to red meat having been raised on it. At least, or I would assume your meat when you do get it, is not full of hormones like the stuff now fed to the populous.

    Srry for the long post … I’m interested in views on this kind of thing. Unfortunately Laws are now made in this country to prohibit people from supporting themselves like so. It’s all about making people Dependant on “the system” and anyone being different is not only alienated but persecuted for being so. Most Bow Hunters I know that do it for sport, have no idea just how much I would love to slit their throats and serve them up on a plate.

    I’ve seen a HUGE BULL laid out on the side of the road and cut into quarters to fit on the back of a Utility truck – Not long after that on the dinner plate. Absolutely the best meat I ever ate. Melted in your mouth kind of thing with a taste so pure. Today, you have to drench and beat the meat with whats mostly wrapped and put on the shelves.

    Anyways – thanks for your sharing again … You seem to have a good angle on it and that I am grateful for.

    In good gesture …
    Your Aussie Mate
    Dave 🙂

  3. Oh yea – its been about a year since we bought those bows to play with – We were going to join a club, but finding one that will accept our “traditional bows” is hard. Some will, but I don’t like the attitudes displayed from both the targets and hunter groups – finding a traditional and or specialist group is too much effort and I really don’t like groups and or SPORT as it’s revered these days.

    I just like shooting in my own back yard and or sometimes as a good stealth location, although given the Very Strict Laws here, I hardly take a Bow out with me.

    Thanks for asking – Now that my son is quitting school we might start practicing again and if we get really good, we might just go to a club to show that what skill really is. Hehe 🙂

    Take care
    Dave. 😉

  4. Good evening guys, I like the hammock very nice it must be great for travelling light through the bush. My father is mad keen on shooting and fishing when we were young that’s all we ever seemed to do was killing something, we had shotguns when the other kids had bikes. I have nothing against killing for food but thinking back the attitude that was drummed into us was pretty hideous. I just enjoy watching the birds now and the only thing I feel comfortable killing is rats. I love listening to the birds in your videos Dave they always sound so angry and loud so different to the much more gentle bird song here. I am sorry to hear that the veggie patch has had a setback I was looking forward to seeing the progress on that! I would post a picture of mine but I am far to embarrassed with the state of it!. We had such a wet autumn and winter I wasn’t able to get on it until it was too late.
    I had to laugh about giving up the meds, i get concerned as to what the hell that is that I am ingesting every day. If I even mention coming off them my wife goes mad! she’s like there’s no way your stopping them over my dead body bla bla bla.

    Hoping you are all well

  5. LOL Andrew – then you know that part about the bla bla bla very well. Hehehehe. I’m glad that john has talked about his hunting. I wish I could send him some Prime Australian Beef! Unfortunately, not even the local get that anymore, it goes straight to Japan – lest your dropping your own. I’t nice to meet a hunter that has respect for the animals.

    I found a box of anti-histamines – PHEW!!! I had a bad night and could not stop scratching. Happens ever time I go on and then come off that seorquel/quitipine. It’s the only reason I don’t like being on it. The fact there is issues with the hive like reaction to it, just reminds me how I’m digging a deep hole the longer I stay on it, as will be the longer I will depend on it, due to the fear of yet another year long rash! Fuck That! From that perspective my wife is just going to have to understand. Unless I am a ward of the state, I should have control over what meds I take – not my wife. For that matter, I think exercising more control over what I do and the decisions I make should be more on my list of recovery as I do tend to ask her too many questions which only feeds into the dependency. Give my background and the 23+ years relationship/marriage I guess only I could understand that.

    Anyways – the sun is at the early morning point with a reasonably lit sky – I have eaten and the anti histamines seems to of given my a reprieve. I am so hanging to go for a bush walk and set my hammock up. Might have a little nap before exercising, given the very disruptive night. after that maybe pack a small bag and sit on the beach and read. Start working on getting more sun. Two week today!!! Eating Clean. 🙂

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