Just throwing this video out there … it’s a bit out of sync, but good enough.

Wishing you guys all the best, but still not a people person really.  Too many of us about.


5 thoughts on “DAY THIRTEEN Morning –

  1. The poisonous food is banned in so many countries, even the poorest Peru, but not in yours or mine or US………..
    Thank you for the video;)

  2. Thanks for the response Danuta …

    Makes me bitter to think such BS Nations so full of themselves and their boundaries … think that we live in an advancing society that feeds POISON to their population – whilst passing laws to increase its populace. Grrrrrrrrr

    That grass set off my rashes today – I’ve had enough of this quitipine … I still think its creating histamine issues for me, and whilst I am eating so well and exercising I think it best to give that a go before making judgments on the medicine as in NOT being on the meds whilst living so clean.

    I don’t think it’s making me any more calmer as the tension in me is still quite high when walking down from after my exercising – no doubt testosterone … I am going to take on my old techniques with music and picking my times and so on – as well as keep up the clean eating and living …

    My wife won’t like it – “control thing” – just like parents of a drug addict … I get that – Lisa will not understand, as she like to have somthing on me when she gets angry like “You haven’t taken your meds again!!!”

    That’s not healthy to be like that – already did a double dose over such , dare I say DOGMA – driven mentality. Happens to the best of hubby and wives – I know what I am talking about – I am committed now and have a routine – my therapist would agree, —- if I had one —

    The meds can be taken at the drop of the hat if I feel I need too … that’s what it suppose to be about … NOT HAPPY WITH the continuing rash …

    See what happens — eating clean without the synthetic meds … I will just have to give plenty of massages and act like a fucking Angle …ahahahahahahahahah lol

    You get the picture …

    • Good day Dave.

      I wonder, have your rashes gotten any worse since you started eating clean?

      I only ask this as I’ve read that when the body starts to detox when eating clean, skin rashes etc can be quite common. It is because the body is trying to dump out more toxins than it can handle and should right itself when the toxins flush.

      Keep it up Dave, you are doing well

      Danuta could probably confirm or deny this hypothesis.


  3. Hi Dave,
    I had to laugh about what you said about veggies taking so long to grow and eat them so quick. I feel the same way. Lot of work and care and next thing you know they are gone. I was wondering how close to the ocean are you?
    Keep it up Dave.

  4. Hi John – I’m pretty close … High tide would make it like no more than a hundred meters. I’ll get around to some media just on that 🙂 … Low tide goes right out though … looks like a kilometer when its right out, however have not measured it – YET. I think I know enough to throw in some screen shots into a video … will try that with Google maps and jump in my car with the trippod set up in it somehow.

    PAM – you could be right – but for the sake of the scientific principle, I would have to eliminate the synthetic medication which is know to have issues with histamines. I rang her today to advice her of my intentions because I did not want to have to deal with it when she gets back.. No doubt I will have to at any rate – hence my saying I will have to break out the massages table for a week or so followed up with Angelic like behavior …

    Unfortunately after ring the real estate today, I was informed that the lot behind the shed is owned by someone else they know not of. I thought that was really weird that they would not know. I was also a bit pissed because I was actually maintaining it. I asked if they could find out and see if I could make a garden whilst I will then keep maintaining the block.

    I don’t think they were interested – instead they showed more interest in coming to do the inspection before the next singing of a lease and that I could grow some things around the house – I was disappointed as I really needed the space that lot had to offer.

    I think I will look into growing herbs for sure!!! around the house … maybe purchase a corrugated raised bed or two for some chard. Other than that there is little space to do much else. I’ll have to keep thinking … it still may be worth tracking down who ever owns that lot … Building over a veggie patch should be no big deal for when or if developing was ever to take place.

    Well guys — I will be back into my exercise in the morning … My son wants be to start coaching him back to fitness. He has seen what I can do with losing 70 pounds here and there. I only hope he is as serious as one needs to be … if not … at least he had a go.. He is quitting school tomorrow and he has my blessing. The schools are like compulsory institutions that give little respect to parents and or the children. Everything is done like a legal contract and policed with an authority that oppressed. FUCK THE SYSTEM and all it has become!!!

    I’m like PFFFFT when the teachers call to to the Parent thing …I give them as much respect back when those calls come. Ha ha harr … again, ya reap what you sow. They will have their few good pickings, but the rest of the chaff – they give no fucking attention whatsoever. In the end, it will cost them more than they know. There is a big stick being waved in this country like the Thatcher Years … Sigh ……….

    Night all … hope you like the hammock video- cant wait till my itching is subsided enough, so I can go and have an actual sleep under the trees once more. I miss the large trees from the old place. I need to go on the trip up north some … there is a rain forest about an hours or less. Must take the wife out for that one.

    Peace all … sorry for my negative spins of late, however I am just saying it like it is.

    Night night…

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