DAY TWELVE – The Big Push

Sorry If I can’t remember anyones questions – Had a big day today and too tired even for a picture. LOL … I did however do a video to answer PAM about juicing carrots, however the battery died –

So instead, I just tell you PAM, that today I made an AWESOME recipe from Google – Equal amounts of Apple, Beetroot & Carrots.  I still do like my carrot juice just plain carrots, however that taste of those three combined I dare say will even have my wife giving it a go when she gets back.

I did weights, elliptical and sit-ups again.  I even did a second session late this afternoon before I had an early dinner.  Both times I got up a good sweat.  I must admit I am getting a bit pushy with myself, however being careful with my rest.  I’m about ready to take my meds and call it a night.  tomorrow I do another double carido session as well –

I have a lot to clean up so hopefully I will get that done before I get some sun.  Getting sun is something I have not really been doing.  Perhaps I will mow the lawns as get some sun that way.

The replacement headphone arrived so I might even try a little brain sync with those tonight.

Thats about it guys – I’m still eating healthy and exercising.

I hope you guys are doing OK with your own battles.

That’s it for now —
Take care.
Dave. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


2 thoughts on “DAY TWELVE – The Big Push

  1. Hope you aren’t sore from the double work out! I’m so encouraged with your progress and determination, you are making me believe I can do this too.

    Anyway, you have inspired me to go out and get a juicer, something like you have that cold pressees the veggis.

    I do use my Nutribullet all the time but don’t like all the extra pulpy stuff you get when you throw things like cabbage and carrots in.

    Thanks for the inspiration Dave.

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