DAY ELEVEN Dave’s Green Juice.

Hope you enjoy the video 🙂

Hello again.  It’s another day into my recovery.  Actually today is a recovery day from the intense exercise I have been putting myself through.  I got to say this juicing is really working out for me – BUT – I am going to have to start growing some of this stuff as it really is expensive – even the poisons stuff!!! lol

About the single gear juicer:

Here is a review with more information than I could ever explain Vital Max – Oscar 900 
It a cold pressed juicer – way better for you than those quick centrifugal ones.  If your interested in this kind of thing … it’s all over the Internet.  Here is a link to the one I bought. It’s also a review that explains more about it:

I spent most of the day trying to work out how to make smaller video file sizes yet retain a little quality.  I am sorry in my video that that chopping with the knife is so loud compared to my voice – my wife also says I looks stressed, to which I replied … “It’s ok, we are all from the forum?” LOL …

I will get my mic soon and then perhaps as I learn more about how to make these little video, the experience may be a little less hard on the ears and or eyes. LOL

Again – the videos are good for my social interaction … or so I tell myself.

Just turn the volume back up when I’m not chopping I guess?

Take it easy and thanks for letting me share some more videos with you guys … If I am allowed to go ahead with the garden – I’ll show you how that unfolds as it happens as well.

Peace yo you and yours – if no yours, then all the more peace to you. 🙂



3 thoughts on “DAY ELEVEN Dave’s Green Juice.

  1. Thank you for sharing Dave. That is one really healthy drink! The chopping noise wasn’t bad, probably louder because it looks like your cutting board is glass. Good option for keeping things clean in the kitchen.

    Glad you have a use for that left over stuff, it makes great compost for the garden, but you being an experienced gardener know that.

    Hope you have enjoyed your day for relaxing. By the way, do you put anything other than carrots in your carrot juice?

  2. Looks good, What do u do with the pulp? It could be made into the food, even without juice. There is a lot of fiber….

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