When I Grew Corn – I GREW CORN!!!



Home Grown CornAt least 8 foot tall if not more.  The fence in the background is 6 foot, and most people used to comment on my corn as seen from the street two houses over.



Tiller has arrived – allbeit in a bad state.

We were not impressed when our parcel arrived today.  There was a huge hole ripped into the side of it, and it was also covered in engine oil.  How would you feel John if this happened to you?
I had to fight my urge to jump on the phone and rip a new ass hole into to the person who takes complaints on this kind of thing – Truth is, this happens so much, that I kind fo thought something like this would happen.  As soon as I heard the name Toll Ipec, I winced to think I has just made a purchase with a retailer that uses such a pathetic freighting company.  I stopped complaining and using that company ages ago –

Not to worry – I was able to use some bits a pieces to put it together and if necessary will go to the hardware shop to get the proper bolts and washers further down the track.  For now I am happy it is put together and seems not to be leaking – YET

I have yet another days work at least so there is plenty of time to see if it leaks.  I have lubricated and done the gear and engine oil – read the manual and know this line of tiller as previously owned one before this last move.

All in all – It’s good to have a hand now 🙂

Set up and ready to go

All in the videos

I managed to get come footage of the compact from a few weeks ago John – I threw that one together as well as todays walk …

Really tired now – Take care guys . 🙂

Srry about the sound issues in the next one –