Woe, what a work out I had this morning.  I was sweating good and proper.  Tomorrow will be a rest day – Recovery important so I can continue to charge up on Day eleven.
My wife has agreed that starting a small vegetable garden would be a good idea.  There will be cost involved, however the outlay would be worth the rewards and later reduce the cost of my juicing program. I am an experience home grown veggie gardener.  I love to companion plant and grow organically.

I will have to write to the real estate agent hoping they will not reject my wanting to dig a veggie patch.  There is a large space behind the shed which I can show you guys later.  I should probably not get my hopes up too much – at the very least I will get some raised beds as my final comeback to them saying no.  It’s a sandy area, but I will research the cheapest way to get around that.  I can double dig and grow mung bean and dig them back in and repeat once more.  Green manure crops! Sugar Can Mulch –  whatever works.  It would be a good labor intensive project that will get me plenty of sun.


11 thoughts on “DAY TEN!!!!

  1. Hi Dave,

    I’m so loving the direction you are going in. I do a fair bit of vegetable gardening, and I know Danuta is quite the gardener. I mostly have raised beds as for me I can’t tolerate the extensive digging any more, my back is pretty much shot.

    Raised beds seem to be ideal for me, I just dump the contents of my composter into them and get cheap high quality soil. I am a little jealous of your sandy soil, mine is very clay dense and requires a great deal of organic materials to drain properly. I guess however your problem with sand could be equally problematic. As far as I understand carrots grow well in fairly sandy soil so your veggi of choice these days could grow well.

    I hope you get the necessary approval for this project, I don’t see why not, would they oppose a flower garden? My guess is probably not.

    Enjoy your relaxation day! You have earned it.

  2. I have raised beds I would say we have 25 square meters of it. I already have a small tomato size of a pea on my Juliette plants. Here our soil is pure clay. We’d build the beds and bought a truck of special garden soil. It was a tough job to take it from the driveway to the back. Now every years we add some veggies soil and some of cow manure……
    It drains wonderfully, but their downside; we must water it every three days at least.
    Hard work but very satisfying, Maybe you would use an argument about helping you will the mental problems….I hope they will say ” go ahead” 🙂

  3. Dam thats a nice looking veg, patch. I think next year i will attempt it again. I grew up doing it all my life. My kids do not know what hard work is.( the mosquitoes are tough here at times, i live in the black swamp area of ohio along a river and it brings a new meaning to gardening ), lol.
    I wouldn’t think that the property owner would mind but you never know. Good luck and you’re giving me inspiration to get off my ass and start moving.

  4. Hi guys the veggie patch sounds like a really good project! I would just dig it and sod asking permission! surely they won’t throw you out for growing a few carrots. Talking of carrots it took me right back to when I was a kid, they used store carrots in a clamp in the ground and dig them up when needed, I remember taking the straw of them, how times have changed. I used to have a veg patch the exercise and digging is really good but it used to piss me off that everything is out to eat your stuff! rabbits, pigeons, deer, mice that’s without bloody insects! it’s a lot of work.
    Perhaps you will inspire me to over winter some chickens in there and clear the ground for me, my soil is really nice and light no clay here thankfully it’s really nice to dig. I look forwards to seeing pictures of all your hard work guys.

    • Andrew I started with chicken wire all around my spots. Later we made really tight fencing and no problem with rabbits or deer. Mice are mice you will never get rid of them

  5. Rabbits, ground hogs and dogs who barrel through everything! I have my work cut out for me.

    But persevere I will! My garden will be worth it.

    • Now, if it would only rain…. Lightly for about 2 or 3 days. The weather has been nice here but too dry for any type of growing, flowers, grass or veggis.

  6. Hi guys,
    Glad you like the idea 🙂

    Water is huge cost in Australia – we actually have the highest per capita world wide for charges on utilities such as water and electricity, not to mention rent! Electricity has gone up a wopping $400.00 extra a year for us. The solar revolution has actually pushed the prices up which has adversely affect low income and or renters who either can’t afford or simply not in a position to set up solar. It was supposed to help, not make things worse!

    Anyways – the benefit is eating organic is avoiding all those pesticides. I’m pretty good when it comes to water saving on my garden. Drainage as you mention PAM could indeed be a nightmare for me with the sandy soil, however I[ll work something out to importer the overall condition and get some water retention in that same process.

    Critters!!! – .well – I used most of my last garden fencing for my dog Max in the new property was now moved into. I figure giving the fact that funds a low – I might revert to simply making a small cover with chicken wire over each bed.

    Trouble with me Andrew, is once I get a maddock on my hand, I don’t know when to stop. 🙂 I think If allowed to start one – I will start with a smaller herb garden – with a few beds for Chard and Carrots – also some Beetroot as the tops just like carrots are good for eating as well. We waste so much these days! …

    I hear ya about the Mozzies John – there are a lot up here on the coats and where I did my video in the bush with the damp ground … there were heaps of them. One has to be careful because on the South East Coast here there are more and more diseases being spread by the little blighters.

    I’m glad some of you are encouraged with my latest attempt as getting healthy.

    Take care guys..

    I go post a new video for you all – Dave’s Green Juice 🙂

  7. Its a shame you are not over here, I have a great big field to play in and a free water supply that the water company has forgotten about over the years.We get a lot of mozzies here too you have seen the pictures of all the wetlands around me, supposedly during some war a lot of soldiers got malaria except for my local regiment! they had developed a certain amount of immunity to the disease after so many generations here.

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