Rise & ShineRise & Shine:

Good morning … I seem to of skipped DAY 7, but all is fine.  I am still eating CLEAN!!! Day 7 I began to exercise like I said I wanted too.  I started with some light stretching, used a pair of moderately weighted dumbbells, then did a solid 15 minutes on the elliptical, then onto some sit ups ending with some more stretching.

This Hives thingy is still an issue for me and now I’m treating it like a bad case of eczema.  After some research on that, I have since been drinking freshly cold press carrot juice.  I do video on that another time.  I love the carrots Juice as it actually so far seems of of helped – “touch wood” … early days yet.  It would seem there are also some trigger foods that I will have to keep on eye on.

Anyways – I best get on with my day … get another exercise routine in before I go out shopping.  I am actually pleased that I have managed to stick this healthy eating out.  I am not so worried about this being a loose weight thing one bit … I just want to be healthy is all.  I guess that will involve dropping a few pounds, but whatever happens, I just want to make eating and drinking fruits and veggies a new way of life for me.

On with my day.

I hope your feeling better PAM … Cull another LINK would make my day – that is when you get around to your next picture.  I have to Pay for visitors to be able to embed photos in here as well as set up a full on hosting site and shift everything onto my computer … I think I will just leave things as they are … but do please share any LINKs you have for your photos.  I will check Flikr later.

This keeping healthy is a real chore this day and age.  So much I have to avoid and then source out what works for me.

Hope all is well for you too Frankie and also Danuta …

Peace Out Guys
Dave. 🙂


9 thoughts on “DAY 8

  1. Good morning Dave i popped in here last night and there was no post! I thought maybe he’s moved again lol. I am off to the county show today so I will take my compact in my pocket, there must be something there worth taking a picture of. You must be tough drinking carrot juice eeew! carrot cake is more my thing! take care man, keep up the good work.

  2. Love the colors … ! Hey can I call you Andrew in here??? Too right a bout the never needing part! Hope your day went OK ?
    LOL about the juicing … its all medicine to me. Thanks for the photos … really appreciated you sharing and also about your day. Good idea, I must start taking out a compact too – you never know. 🙂

  3. Hey Dave, so glad your eating program is going well. You are so determined and that is fantastic.

    As it turns out the way for me to heal my series of issues is much the same as what you are doing. Clean eating, no sugar, fats, processed food of any sort, and fist fulls of vitamin supplements. No more prescription meds and especially no Tylenol. That has messed my liver up.

    So here’s to carrot juice and assorted fresh vegi juices! Cheers.

  4. Hi all what a healthy bunch you all are! I better not mention all the good stuff I ate today not a bloody carrot insight. I had a really good day prince Harry was there too! I refrained from shoving a camera in his face but did fall in love with an Indian motorcycle.

    Of course it’s ok to call me Andrew my missus just calls me oi.

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