You could not get three more devoted souls than we be here. I stand with my brother under arm and Bible in hand. Tragically my brother died a passive suicide victim in his early 40’s – My Son (now 24) standing in between us is now a fully blown drug addict like my belated brother was. I myself take medication and am on a pension due to mental illness and unemployability. Despite out effort to find acceptance in the religious community – we three share that same fate of continued rejection and denial.

I have since tossed that destructive book in the bin and now aim to cut ties with my Christian family and begin healing, by unlearning all the dogma that has kept me bound and living in fear all these years.

The power of religion in all it’s form is extremely binding and can take an enormous amount of unlearning. This journal is my attempt to do just that. To dispel this notion of generational curses and highlight the truth of cycling abuse.  Most notably, how it is that we then go on to abuse ourselves.


11 thoughts on “Brainwashed

  1. Hi David, so glad I found you again. Thank you for the invitation to your new site. I was having trouble leaving a reply on the last one.

    Hoping you are progressing well. I have had some rough days lately but things seem to be on a more even keel now.

    Cheers my friend

  2. Thanks guys,
    Glad you could make it 🙂 Apologies about the “comment approval thing” – Please do continue to comment as you wish. I am new to WordPress but am sure I will work it out. For now I just log in and will tick the approval button, until I can work out how to switch that off.

    I know I am big on being my own audience, but it’s good to know there are others out there with an interest as well. I’m on Day Six now and will post on that later.

    Pam I do hope your feeling a little better this evening and or today. I know you have certainly made me feel a little better today as all with your kind words. Thank too John … much appreciated 🙂

    Hope hubby is traveling well too – Danuta. It is alright to call you that in here?

    Take care
    Dave 🙂

  3. Dave, I am with you. I too need to do a little more sweating and start stopping eating so much junk. I did not use to be that way and it just got out of control.
    Are you that close to the beach from your house?

  4. Hello Dave I have been watching you video and looked at your pictures the overcast sky one is awsome. I didn’t know you could post stuff here or I would have jumped in earlier nice one for putting my picture up the top that was a nice surprise, As you say your thread was really good when all the photos were going on, good times I miss that too, I found the most beautiful meadow yesterday heaving with flowers I thought Dave would enjoy this.

  5. Hey Cully! Great to see you. I had to break away from that site. I did not intend for my thread to break away like it did. Was the only way I could grieve for my brother was all.

    I have not found a way for my visitors to embed a picture in these comment boxes, but you could still link. I want to get back into taking a picture a day as it helps me to get out, although some days when I don’t have time, I’ll just take a photo around the house.

    I go see if I can find a way for visitors to share a picture in these comment boxes.

    So glad you found time to pop in Cully. 🙂


  6. It was a really tough time for you! everyone understood that. There is a five bar gate to the meadow I could just imagine us leaning on like in the 2 Ronnies sketch. Yeah taking and sharing pictures is good medicine for me.

  7. So glad to see your pics again … I can see why they let it grow. If anything, I might carve a track through it and enjoy the walk inside all that beauty. Imagine all the close up shots of insects in there. Truly Stunning !!! Please do share more and I will now keep a track of your flikr as well. I am all about emptying my head now – so stuff like that helps.

    Have a good evening Cully … 😉

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