Woe, what a work out I had this morning.  I was sweating good and proper.  Tomorrow will be a rest day – Recovery important so I can continue to charge up on Day eleven.
My wife has agreed that starting a small vegetable garden would be a good idea.  There will be cost involved, however the outlay would be worth the rewards and later reduce the cost of my juicing program. I am an experience home grown veggie gardener.  I love to companion plant and grow organically.

I will have to write to the real estate agent hoping they will not reject my wanting to dig a veggie patch.  There is a large space behind the shed which I can show you guys later.  I should probably not get my hopes up too much – at the very least I will get some raised beds as my final comeback to them saying no.  It’s a sandy area, but I will research the cheapest way to get around that.  I can double dig and grow mung bean and dig them back in and repeat once more.  Green manure crops! Sugar Can Mulch –  whatever works.  It would be a good labor intensive project that will get me plenty of sun.


DAY NINE Breaking Through Barriers


Hi guys,

nice to see you all.  I’m always glad to hear your advice Danuta.  I really think the carrot juice is one that my body seems to absorb really fast.  I am positive I can feel it working.  I often feel a buzz from drinking the greens, however I too, get a sensation of something good happening not long after drinking carrot juice.

My skin is in great need of being treated – It would seem all the stress I was under contributed greatly to my hive reactions and even disposition to scabies infestation.  This is not counting the low dosage side effects of seroquel (histamine reactions) – Basically with the big move last year, my wife breaking her leg, my brother’s death and others I won’t bother mentioning – my body has simply worn down and riddled with toxin in the process.  The destructive diet that follows with depression – OH YEA … I have no gall bladder meaning my liver has to do extra work … IT ALL MAKES SENS NOW!!!  That’s a lot of weight my body simply could not carry.  I just took it for granted and or simply did not care.  Unfortunately this is very similar to what happened to my brother.  He had Hep C  … but kept smoking his bong and popping all kinds of pills.  It’s how many of us live a life destined to crumble under the definition of Passive Suicide.

Sorry … I am starting to rave yet again … The good news is — Not only am I winning with the new diet, I am also SWEATING AGAIN!!!!!  That is as crucial to me as the diet.  The exercise is helping to speed up the side effects or meaning detoxing process which is also making my skin break out … LOL … I really have suffered big time on eczema side of things.


I’ve been getting a little better with lining up all the types of nutrients and having my protein at certain times of the day as well as keeping hydrated to ensure all my effort is utilized to its full potential. I am still learning, but it all counts. I’m even doing the same with my exercise.  I will start listing when I am sure I have it fine tuned to a more correct procedure.

GINGER – EXCELLENT imo for me at any rate, to chew a little piece after ingesting the more acid types of fruits and veggies or anytime I feel a little reflux happening.  I Goggled that and have to say it works well for me.  I just cut a small slice – chew it and drink litter water.  I don’t mind the strong taste and the tiny fibbers go done well to ->(Depending how fresh that piece is, otherwise I spit out tough fibers).   It all seems to be in all the timing and moderation.

Apple juice after my workouts – helps with the lactic acid!!! That one I know from years ago and helps with recovery … 4 green apples in my cold press gives me 300ml – more than the reommeded, however my activity level could easily take in more … I stick with 4 green apple a day because of COST! That’s 27 apples and at today’s prices … I really have to convince my wife of the need, VS the BS cost on Take Away … when I phrase it like that … 27 apples @ 2.50 a killo does not seem so bad … in fact what we pay for in one sitting of eating crap will get my apple to last me the week.

Yadda yadda … srry for long post.  Seems I can’t get my teeth out of all this, however it’s a good thing.  I now also get up and down out of my computer chair more often with the intent to let blood flow more easily through my legs.  Pooling blood in the extremities is also something on the list to those of us that live with a passive attitude to our end coming and or just don’t give a fuck attitude.  In this process of getting up and down with the intent to heal, I am also getting more done around the house … woo hoo!!!

ANDREW buddy … really loving those pics.  How the hell can you do a ZEN MOVE like that!!!  I can see you had like a red top on … OH YEA – that was actually a really good prop … that bike was asking to be photographed and you pulled off … really loved it.  Thanks for that share.  Thing is, I could not help be notice in the reflection just how flexible you really are.  If only I could squat down like that to take pics.  I’m typical found crawling around on the ground with passerby’s thinking “WTF is he doing???”

Glad you had a good man. : )
PAM … Good to know I’m not the only one that has to tow the line : ) … But I do hope you find some healing quickly though.  I am saddened that my wife is pushing hard for me to be on the prescription medication, however … I they do help me sleep. SLEPP and RECOVERY is also on my determined list!!! I use my hammock whenever I feel the need to rest or get tingles that call out for a break.  Your right PAM … I am determined to get healthy again.  HMMMMMMM about the prescriptions meds … its now the only chemical … well actually apart from the insecticides and GMF veggies … : ( : ( … I can’t afford organic but might with some … like carrots … …. HMMMMM My Head Meds … I need to give them a go for six months again … I will do that too … I can’t cope in public … I will try too come off the meds later though and do trial and error … when I am on a program again with phyco therapy I will talk much then about some kind of plan.  It’s really good that this time I am fully aware of the dosing issues regarding the histamine levels – also I am disproving my ha hazard attitude toward taking head meds and exercising.  In regards to that:

It’s amazing just how effective Juicing my Nutrients really is.  You know, I’m not new to this.  My current cold press cost me about $450.00.  Centrifuging you food at high speed often kills most of good in juicing.  It is still good, but not as effective as a cold press. Heat can affect the juice mainly by causing enzyme deactivation.  Its bestto minimize oxidation.  Perhaps I am just Bias … LOL

It’s a bit like the sups as well … I could go on with how I as skeptical on absorption rate VS all the variables, however I would of at least been kind to myself if I had simply taken something as opposed to nothing.  Therefore I cheer you on PAM in your own quest to regain your body’s health back as well.

Forgive me as I can’t help but go on a tangent with respect to my approach on all this.


Rise & ShineRise & Shine:

Good morning … I seem to of skipped DAY 7, but all is fine.  I am still eating CLEAN!!! Day 7 I began to exercise like I said I wanted too.  I started with some light stretching, used a pair of moderately weighted dumbbells, then did a solid 15 minutes on the elliptical, then onto some sit ups ending with some more stretching.

This Hives thingy is still an issue for me and now I’m treating it like a bad case of eczema.  After some research on that, I have since been drinking freshly cold press carrot juice.  I do video on that another time.  I love the carrots Juice as it actually so far seems of of helped – “touch wood” … early days yet.  It would seem there are also some trigger foods that I will have to keep on eye on.

Anyways – I best get on with my day … get another exercise routine in before I go out shopping.  I am actually pleased that I have managed to stick this healthy eating out.  I am not so worried about this being a loose weight thing one bit … I just want to be healthy is all.  I guess that will involve dropping a few pounds, but whatever happens, I just want to make eating and drinking fruits and veggies a new way of life for me.

On with my day.

I hope your feeling better PAM … Cull another LINK would make my day – that is when you get around to your next picture.  I have to Pay for visitors to be able to embed photos in here as well as set up a full on hosting site and shift everything onto my computer … I think I will just leave things as they are … but do please share any LINKs you have for your photos.  I will check Flikr later.

This keeping healthy is a real chore this day and age.  So much I have to avoid and then source out what works for me.

Hope all is well for you too Frankie and also Danuta …

Peace Out Guys
Dave. 🙂




You could not get three more devoted souls than we be here. I stand with my brother under arm and Bible in hand. Tragically my brother died a passive suicide victim in his early 40’s – My Son (now 24) standing in between us is now a fully blown drug addict like my belated brother was. I myself take medication and am on a pension due to mental illness and unemployability. Despite out effort to find acceptance in the religious community – we three share that same fate of continued rejection and denial.

I have since tossed that destructive book in the bin and now aim to cut ties with my Christian family and begin healing, by unlearning all the dogma that has kept me bound and living in fear all these years.

The power of religion in all it’s form is extremely binding and can take an enormous amount of unlearning. This journal is my attempt to do just that. To dispel this notion of generational curses and highlight the truth of cycling abuse.  Most notably, how it is that we then go on to abuse ourselves.